Are You An "Aging Boomer"?

Me 'neither. But how often do you read this trite phrase in articles about the Boomer Generation? Plenty!

It might seem just trivial. But it's actually a negative media stereotype, a meaningless generality to apply to almost 80 million people. And the next step after stereotyping is prejudice. Saying "aging boomers" is saying Boomers are no longer normal people.

We are all aging, but how much and how fast and how it affects us is unique to each individual. Our bodies are affected by our genes, lifestyle, diet, smoking, personality, stress, too much booze, too little sunscreen, and lots more. With luck, everyone will eventually become officially "old"; so will (sadly) my fabulous dog, but I'm not compelled to call her an "aging animal."

We strive to be realistic, honest and straightforward about our lives, because our goal is to help each other, not play word games. We strive to not stereotype ourselves or anyone else. Each of us has a unique life and unique future. We can help each other in many ways, and that's a core mission of Boomer Advisor. But not by over-generalizing, which leads to "one size fits nobody" advice.

Besides, if we're going to be described with a pervasive adjective, why not "trim and fit" or "fantabulous" or even "groovy"? OK, maybe not groovy. "Cool" is probably still available. (You'll notice, we rarely say "baby boomer" because most of us are now fully grown.)

What Boomer-descriptive terms do YOU like?